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Welcome to ForeWORD Communications, the first word in written communications.

Image is everything!

Above all else, the words you use to project your message define your business.  You may have the best, most innovative idea, product, or
service, but if your idea, product, or service lacks a compelling message, you're not likely to reap the rewards you've dreamed of - or the
rewards you've worked so hard for.

ForeWORD Communications can help!

ForeWORD Communications specializes in providing intelligent writing solutions for individuals and businesses by delivering content
intelligently designed for the web as well as for traditional print distribution.

It's all about results!

ForeWORD Communications is your source for compelling, results-oriented content, including:

  • Articles - The driving force behind SEO and website traffic, well-written articles can make or break your business.  As potential clients,
    buyers, and customers surf the web, it is the quality of the articles you host that will define your website as credible or as just another
    useless link.

  • eBooks - Having gained in popularity in the past decade, eBooks have the potential to drive sales for companion products, present
    useful information, and serve as a self-serving marketing tool.  The eBook(s) you commission should present your message in a
    manner that enhances your image as an authority on the highlighted subject.  

  • Web Copy - Your website is the door to your business.  When visitors open that door, they should be impressed with what they find.  
    Well-written, compelling web copy opens the door to return visitors and virtually guarantees repeat visitors and increased web traffic.  
    And, for those of you who maintain a website to support a brick-and-mortar business, great web copy supports your business in a
    way that attracts more than virtual visitors; it draws real-life visitors as well.

  • Blog articles, opinion pieces, and thoughtful reviews - Blogs are a fast-growing arena for presenting ideas, sharing information, and,
    as an internet tool, blogs are used to drive traffic back to a particular website or group of websites.  Check out my blog for samples of
    my work.

  • eCourses - As more and more learning communities go virtual, the need for intelligently designed, comprehensive eCourses has
    risen.  ForeWORD Communications delivers eCourses that are based on authoritative resources, fully referenced, and that can be
    presented in multiple formats, including electronic delivery, Word, PDF, HTML, and PowerPoint.  eCourses developed to date include
    those for the Cosmetology Industry, Healthcare, K-12 Education, Continuing Adult Education, and other professional communities
    and have included student packets, workbooks, slide shows and other learning materials as well as instructor manuals and course

  • Smart SEO - Even search engines have become wise to overdone SEO techniques.  Keywords and keyword phrases have been
    used and overused to the point where web copy ends up sounding repetitive and redundant.  ForeWORD Communications isn't
    interested in clogging the internet with yet another web page filled with content that is stuffed with popular keywords but otherwise
    useless.  ForeWORD Communications produces only Smart SEO; SEO copy that makes sense and that has been intelligently written.

  • White Papers - A well-written white paper can position you as an expert in your field.  Company decision makers look to white papers
    for the information they need to make sound strategic business decisions.  A white paper should help executives evaluate available
    solutions without being too "salesy."  

    Whether you are in need of great web copy, an ebook or print book, an article, or a white paper, ForeWORD Communications is your
    full-service provider.  Contact me today for a quote on your project.
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Excellent work...WOW!
- J. Bennett

Becky was a pleasure to work with.  
Helpful, experienced, and worked hard to
meet our deadline with only two days to
complete the project!
- S. Mayo

Becky delivered exactly what we were
looking for!  Written perfectly and
delivered timely.  Easy to work with.
- E. Manuel

I would use Becky again and again.  She
has delivered a well-written and concise
white paper.  All communications have
been friendly and professional.  Thank
you Becky!
- B. Machansen

The work was professionally done and
completed within one day due to my
requirements for a tight deadline!  The
word was above and beyond my
expectations.  The subject was touchy and
Becky handled it in a professional
manner.  I will definitely be contacting
ForeWord Communications again for
future projects!
- J Goode

The article was written just as specified
and even included some little "extras" I
hadn't thought about - well researched
and easy to read.
- D. Turner

I had never used a ghostwriter before and
I'm glad I chose Becky for my first project.  
Even though I wasn't sure if she knew
anything about martial arts, she has
written an excellent article for me at a very
good price.  I'd recommend her to anyone.
 First class in her field!  I will use her again
when I need more work done.
- P. Ha

- C. Garry

I found ForeWORD Communications to
be superb in every aspect!  Becky's work
is of a very high standard, communication
was exceptional, and delivery was timely
and efficient.  I would not hesitate to
recommend ForeWORD Communications
to other potential buyers.
- P. Bakker

Very professional and excellent content!
- M. Crain

Highly recommend.  Very nice lady.
- C. Y. Hill

Becky took on a project with a quick
turnaround and handled it with aplomb.  
Requested revisions were delivered in a
timely fashion and all interactions were
both professional and pleasant.
- A. Damian

I highly recommend ForeWORD
Communications.  The eBook delivered
exceeded expectations and required no
rework.  I would gladly work with Becky
- K. Kerr

Highly recommended!
T. K. Cadin

The best when it comes to writing!
- A. Deus
There is no way of writing well and also of writing easily
             ANTHONY TROLLOPE, Barchester Towers